The Paris Startup Ecosystem opens its doors to the World

What is Startup SAFARI?

Whereas the impact of innovation is felt globally, innovation is created locally. Every city has its own unique startup ecosystem full of passionate people that found, invest or support startups.

With this second edition of Startup SAFARI Paris, we want to open up the startup ecosystem to the region and give like-minded people the chance to take a deep dive into the local startup scene, experience the startup lifestyle and create meaningful connections.

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45+ Venues (Paris 2017)
70+ Sessions (Paris 2017)
300+ Attendees
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Check out the best moments of Startup SAFARY Paris 2017 !

How does Startup SAFARI work ?

Who is running the SAFARI?

Startup SAFARI is a global network of cities that aims for creating an event for their local startup scene. If you want to learn more about the system and maybe want to run one yourself, find more info at

Startup SAFARI Paris is organized by the local team of international entrepreneurs with the support of folks behind Pirate Summit, Europe’s craziest Startup Conference in Cologne. Together Startup SAFARI with the PIRATEs will put Paris onto the global Startup Ecosystem map for several days.

Are you also interested to be part of Pirate Summit ? Learn more about that at

Who is it made for?

Startup SAFARI Paris is made for all current and future players of the Paris startup ecosystem. If you are actively shaping the startup scene or interested to do so, you should be part of the yearly local highlight of startup culture in Paris.

No matter if you just launched your company or you are already in business for a while. Knowing what is going on in your city’s ecosystem is a crucial factor for success.

As a participating startup in the Startup SAFARI you will not only be able to see what other Startups in Paris are up to and extend your existing network with fresh ideas and contacts but as a host, you also get the chance to present your startup in an unconventional way to investors, corporates, other startups and potential costumers. Are you hiring? Startup Safari is great way to communicate about your open-positions and find good candidates! 

For any inquiries contact us on 

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Startup SAFARI Paris will have sessions hosted by :

Any open questions? Feel free to reach out to the team 🙂

Ondrej : +33 6 89 92 98 83 or Vincent : + 33 6 66 55 17 19


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